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Intuitive coaching

All of us have moments in our lives where we seek new direction, clarity, and support.

I combine transformational coaching with my intuitive gifts to help clients discover their wholeness. Coaching aims to bring your goals into harmony with how you live. It is an equal partnership where I provide pathways to self-discovery, and the client has the space to explore, learn, and integrate their vision with their actions.

Discovery Sessions

These sessions allow for us to get to know one another, explore goals for coaching, and assess a good partnership fit. Please schedule a call to start the process of working together.

I am grateful every day for my relationship with Nichole. I met her during a highly formative time of my life, and I was feeling lost and alone. Since we started working together at the beginning of 2018, I have become more self-aware and have developed a deeper relationship with my intuition and my higher self.

With her guidance, I have made small changes in daily practices and thought patterns, which have led to tremendous personal growth overtime. This work has allowed me to start building my professional and personal life with authenticity and strength. Nichole is gentle, loving, and supportive. During our sessions, I always feel that she is deeply connected to me and what I need in the moment. My experience working with her has been profoundly healing; she has helped me find a home in myself again.
— Molly Rabuffo, New York Philharmonic
Nichole’s not-so-secret weapon is her adept articulation in the moment, intuition and the ability to really distill the core of my expressions to her. I felt I had a true ally and I was comforted by Nichole’s ability to traverse various landscapes of symbolism, spirituality and chronic illness with me. I came away with new insights, more clarity and an extreme honoring of myself and my path of purpose. She welcomed all of me, supported me, challenged me and gave me actionable exercises to work through my challenges.
— Jackie Werner, Certified Coach