Photography provided by EW Photos (Eva Woolridge)


Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality originating in Japan with Master Mikao Usui. The practitioner is a conduit of “rei-ki” or universal life force energy for the client. The Reiki energy balances energy centers and brings focused energy to areas of the body that seek healing. 

Reiki was the first step in my healing journey. It released trauma from my body and awakened the energetic gifts I now use in my multiple healing practices.

Reiki Session Process

  • Client and Practitioner discuss any particular health, mental, or emotional challenges and discuss any health goals for the session.

  • Client settles on the massage table fully clothed and finds a state of relaxation.

  • Practitioner scans the body energetically, perceiving any areas of the body (physical and energetic) that have blockages or need support.

  • The practitioner then completes a full body treatment by sending Reiki through either light touch or hovering off body slightly.

  • After the session is completed, the client and practitioner discuss any experiences or messages they may have received during the session.

Booked a reiki session with Nichole. This was my first experience with reiki and Rainbow Body Yoga. Location is very convenient. Easy parking. Facility is clean and perfect for wellness practitioners. My session with Nichole was great. She explained everything and I had a great experience. Will be returning for another session next month.
— Marie Meltz, Red Hook, NY